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vicki cook from golightly coachingWelcome to the opportunity for you to get the support you need for your transformation or healing. Golightly Coaching offers various paths that will enable you to make the changes necessary to move to happiness and health. Do contact us.

About Me

I was a successful teacher and head of a department in a large secondary school. Following a major burnout, which resulted in chronic fatigue symptoms, I started my own personal healing journey. After pursuing many personal growth and healing treatments I found that a combination of life coaching, meditation, breathing, yoga, hands-on-healing enabled me to get back to a medium functioning level. However, there were still some dips in my energy levels. When I used the Gupta Programme, I was able to put the icing on the cake and by using the tools I was not experiencing so many dips. Although I only found the Gupta Programme in 2009 it embodies all that I had learned through my own research, reading and personal experiences. More about me……